User manuals:

    Tree Genie S
    Tree Genie M and XXL Deluxe
    Tree Genie L
    Tree Genie XXL
    Tree Genie Steel

    Comfortable set up:



    1. I press the foot pedal and the mechanism seems to slip or doesn’t engage the claws.

    Flip your stand over to look at the underside of the foot pedal and locate the metal plate which engages with the teeth of the wheel. If this plate is stripped or bent it will no longer ratchet. This occurs when too much force has been placed on the pedal. Unfortunately, excessive force cannot be covered under Warranty. 

    2. After using the stand I noticed that the plastic directly around and behind the claws has been bent or stretched. 

    This type of wear occurs when the trunk is set directly on a claw so that it bends to the outside. This can also occur when taking out a tree that has a very thick trunk approximately the size of the inner container in which the pressure of the trunk leans and pushes against the claw. If only the area around the claws shows this type of wear, the structure of the stand is not impaired. However, if the claw is bent or broken continued use of the stand is not recommended.  

      3. The ratchet system will not release and is stuck in the closed position.

      Is the foot pedal in the UNLOCKED position? Does the pedal itself move? What happens when you push the pedal UP to release? With your stand in the UNLOCKED position, gently pull the cable out with pliers while you push the pedal upwards into the release position. Wear gloves to protect your hands. Please consider the diameter and shape of your tree trunk so it does not place undue pressure on the claws. 


      4. I’m using my stand for the first time and when I release the lock, the claws do not immediately spring open.

      If you own one of our new Deluxe models, either the Tree Genie XXL DELUXE and Tree Genie M Deluxe, these stands are equipped with the patented safety belt which opens the claws in a step-by-step action. Continue to push the foot pedal up until the claws open. If you own the Tree Genie L or Tree Genie XXL, the claws should open completely in one action by pressing up the foot pedal.  Make sure to push the foot pedal into the full release position.


      5. I have the XXL DELUXE model and the bell did not ‘ding’ when setting up my tree.

      If the bell does not ‘ding’ check the mechanism without the tree in the stand: Manually release the locking mechanism by pushing the small red button on the underside of the pedal. When the lock slides into the red/locked position (even if you do not hear the bell) your stand is working properly and you can repeat set up with the tree. Please continue to pump the foot pedal until you either hear the bell ‘ding’ or the lock slides into red/locked position.  

      6. While setting up my tree, the tightening mechanism of my DELUXE model froze and the pedal is stuck in the upright position.

       There are a few methods to try:

      • Move the pedal lock back and forth to free the mechanism.
      • Press the red button on the underside of the foot pedal to manually release the mechanism. Then slide the lock back to the green/unlocked position.
      • Gently press the foot pedal side to side, up and down, as much as it allows.


      7.The instructions reference using a padlock to secure the stand in its locked position. Do I need this? I do not see a hole for the padlock.

      The padlock is an additional safety measure recommended for the Tree Genie XXL model. The XXL DELUXE and Tree Genie M both come equipped with an automatic locking mechanism. These models do not have an opening for a padlock.
      Models with Padlock Feature: S, XXL, Steel, Kopenhagen, Vario In & Out
      Models without Padlock Feature: M, L, XXL Deluxe 


      8. What is the smallest diameter your tree stand can hold?
      The claws need to be able to make secure contact around the trunk. You should not go smaller than a 3” minimum diameter. 

      9. My water level indicator is stuck and will not rise when filling reservoir with water.

      If the indicator is stuck, gently pull it up with the edge of a pointed tool and remove it for cleaning. Wash with a gentle detergent to remove possible sap residues. When you return the cleaned indicator to its slot make sure it moves freely.

      10. I read a review that a tree has fallen over after placing it in the stand.

      When using our stand according to the instructions, your tree will not fall over spontaneously. Keep these tips mind when setting up your tree:

      • Prior to setup please check that your tree trunk has a clean and even cut (make sure the cut is not at an angle).
      • Your trunk may not be drilled (pilot hole). If there is a pre-drilled hole, you MUST recut the trunk.
      • Place the CENTER of the tree trunk onto the spike.
      • Make sure your stand is set on a level surface.
      • Make sure your tree does not lean heavily to one side thus creating a weight imbalance.
      • Choose a tree within the sizing parameters of the stand. Do not try to make a larger than recommended tree and trunk fit in your stand.
      • For the Tree Genie L and XXL, please pump the foot pedal so that the cable is fully tightened and the claws have secure and strong contact with the trunk.
        You should visually check to make sure the claws have made firm contact.
      • For the Tree Genie L and XXL, make sure that the lock is engaged. You may use a padlock for additional security.
      11. Why can’t I drill a hole in my tree trunk?

      The spike at the base of the Krinner tree stand is essential to the stability of the tree when held in the stand. The spike forms a stable triangle with the tightened claws to hold the trunk upright. The soft wood of your Christmas tree needs the direct connection with the spike to initiate stability. A hole drilled in the bottom of the trunk prior to set up in the stand disables this connection and you risk your tree not to be stable in the stand. 


      12. I’ve drained my tree stand but there still seems to be water caught in the unit.

      It may take up to a week or two for complete drying. It can help to turn the stand over a towel or utility sink. Allow the stand to air dry completely before storage.

      13. My stand is leaking.

      Check your stand and assess where the water is leaking. If the stand leaks from and around the foot pedal, the water reservoir may have been overfilled.
      If the water is leaking from underneath the tree stand please contact Krinner USA with a description of the problem and photos clearly showing the issue so we can assist. We advise checking your stand each year prior to use for leakage. Fill your stand with water and let it rest in a safe location. For additional security we recommend using a waterproof barrier.

      14. What’s the difference between the XXL and the XXL DELUXE?

      The XXL and XXL DELUXE share the same basic operation of Krinner’s single cable system and water level indicatory. The XXL Deluxe carries the additional features of the integrated bell and safety belt. With the XXL, as the cable tightens and the claws grab the tree trunk, you watch and feel for the correct tightness and then manually slide the lock in place. At this point, you would then also use the padlock to additionally secure the foot pedal in its locked position.
      With the XXL DELUXE, when the cable has fully tightened and the claws have made complete and secure contact, the bell will ‘Ding’ and the lock automatically slides into place. The internal safety belt holds the locked position even if the lock accidentally becomes disengaged. The additional features of the Deluxe take any guesswork out of the process.

      15. The models jump from the Tree Genie L to the XXL. Why is there no XL size?

      We discontinued the XL unit many years ago and replaced it with the improved Tree Genie XXL. The Tree Genie XXL picks up where the Tree Genie L leaves off at 8 foot max trees. The XXL handles ALL size trees up to 12 feet. With this flexibility, there is no need for model between.

      16. I purchased your stand through a retailer and they will not allow me to return the stand. Can you help?

      All returns must be processed through the retailer directly. The retailer has the liberty to set its own return policy. Therefor please review your retailer’s return policy before purchase.

      17. My stand stopped working or I have a question about warranty replacement.

      If you have a warranty concern, please first review our policy in your instruction manual and on our website. Please provide the following:

      • Your original purchase receipt
      • Photos showing the issue
      • Best possible description of issue

      The more information and the better your photos, the faster we can resolve your concern.

      18. My stand arrived with sand in the box.

      Sand is the weighting medium in the outside ring of the tree stand. If you notice sand, this means the tree stand was broken in transit. Please do not use the unit. You will need to exchange the stand with your retailer. 

      19. My foot pedal cover (plastic sleeve) cracked or fell off (S or XXL models).

      If the plastic sleeve that covers the steel pedal arm has cracked or come off, the regular functionality of the stand is not impaired, and you can continue to use it as normal. The sleeve itself is not a functional component of the movement. This is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty.